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Sky in Birds Sky in Birds
Sky in Birds
Sky in Birds
Indietronica, Lounge, Ambient, Minimal
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Artist: Sky in Birds
Album: Sky in Birds
Label: USC
Catalog number: USC-WR-1408.0213
Release Year: 2014

Birds are flying high in the sky and look at the swarming life on earth. Their flight begins in the wintertime, and they move towards the South, overcoming enormous distances. They see quaint landscapes and lofty mountains, tumultuous rivers and their cliffy banks, lowlands and highlands. Just a bird's regular day of a free floating in the lucid heights that is perceived as a borderless travel in an incredible calmness with the serene feeling of the clear blue firmament.

01.И снова снег... (And Snow Again...) (3:29)
02.Берега (Riversides) (2:51)
03.Утро воскресенья (Sunday's Morning) (2:42)
04.Улыбка (Smile) (3:32)

Composed by Sky in Birds.
Synthesizers, programmed, written and arranged by Dmitriy Troshkin.
Declamation by Igor Nikolskiy (track 3) from «Birds of Pushkinogorie» report recorded in 1985.
Wood photography by TextureX. Sky photography by Anna Riet. Bird silhouettes brushes by Susan Libertiny.
Artwork and design by Mike Winchester.

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Posted by USC on 31 August 2014
Tags: sky in birds, atmospheric, post_rock, minimal, lounge, indietronica, ambient